Monday to Friday – 9am and 6pm

Sunday – 6pm

Can you guess the year? Jim McCabe and Gareth O’Callaghan present CSI: Classic Song Investigation only on Classic Hits 4FM. Each half-hour figure out the year from the great classic hits, news clips and clues. Where were you? What were you doing? Bring back great memories of your life.


9.00am – Monday to Friday with Jim McCabe

CSI Year 1  9.05-9.30am
News Headlines with Niamh Maher 9.30am
CSI Year 2  9.35-10am

6.00pm – Monday to Friday with Gareth O’Callaghan

CSI Year 1  6.05-6.30pm
News Headlines with Cathy Creegan 6.30pm
CSI Year 2  6.35-7pm

6.00pm – Sunday with Jim McCabe

CSI Year 1  6.05-6.30pm
CSI Year 2  6.30-7pm